Anonymous said: whats the deal with the "ironic" thing? explain to me please

Ugh I get this question way too often.

The irony thing is mostly a joke, but what it means basically is if you’re doing or wearing something to make a statement or as a joke instead of because you actually want to do or wear it.

So if I’m wearing suspenders “ironically” it’s not because I actually like them but because I’m making a statement or because everyone else hates them or for some other reason.

Or to put it in terms: an outcome of events contrary to what was, or might have been, expected

And if you don’t understand that, sorry, I suck at explaining things and I’m never answering a question about what irony means again.

Anonymous said: I'm scared that I'm a hipster, but I like being myself. What to do?

Be yourself

Anonymous said: Just wondering... Do you have to be somewhat narcissistic to be a hipster?

all the best ones are

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submitted by nothingisharmless

Anonymous said: can I have your url to your personal blog? plz? c:

Anonymous said: are mainstream things hipster?

…is this a trick question?

Anonymous said: Where do you get clothes that hipsters wear

urban outfitters, second hand clothing stores, your dad’s closet 

Anonymous said: Do hipster standards vary/differ state-to-state? What I mean is: is a Massachusetts hipster different/compatible with a Wisconsin hipster?

Hmm, good question. I believe the answer is yes, but I’ve yet to do the in-depth research to determine just what these differences are.